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This is my first completed, full-scale orchestral work.

Musical ideas derived from the opening theme are developed throughout the rest of the work. The opening motifs are also significant to the structure of the composition; they indicate the start of new sections. However, unlike most of my other contemporary music, it is written without a pre-planned form. The main intention of this work is to explore how subtle orchestral timbres can be deployed to create a tense and dramatic atmosphere. ‘Harmonio’ is a term that I have created to indicate ‘harmonic resonance’ - an orchestral technique that produces subtle changes of timbre. Layering certain pitches on top of each other causes a particular reverberation; a harmonic disturbance which is intended to produce sympathetic vibrations.

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Modern Orchestral Music

Narcissistic II (rough draft)

Narcissistic II
I am a composer who doesn't mind you seeing his music before it is finished.  Both 'Narcissistic I' and 'Harmonio' are undergoing extensive revisions.

Sketch for orchestra is a short extract of a recent composition called "Narcissistic".  The original work began a few years ago.   It marks a significant change in the direction of my music.  Until recently, I have been writing chamber music (including a lot of solo instrumental pieces). Now, I have decided to mainly write for orchestra. This is a challenging decision because the economic situation at the moment means that it is incredibly difficult to get orchestral music performed. I already have two pieces of music that has yet to be performed, ("Transcience" and "La Cloche Felee") and they are nearly twenty years old. The thought of writing more music that is never played is an unwelcome one.
The transition hasn't been easy either. Writing chamber music means you have…