Self promotion

As I have explained before, I unashamedly promote myself on forums...

Once, I placed my music in a forum for self promotional purposes and it was removed with a polite request informing that the forum did not tolerate "self promotion".  This is my reply:

I hadn't read all of your group description when I published my own work so I now realise that I should not have promoted myself so I apologise.  However, I would like to discuss the point of self promotion.  Is it really such a bad thing?  All of the music that is published on this page would have had some degree of self promotion.  You couldn't possible expect anyone to get anywhere in the music business without self promotion.
If you look at the kind of promotional tricks that the young Mozart was subjected to at the hands of his father, Leopold, it helped to create the image of a genius that we still regard as true today. A master of self promotion was Franz Liszt, who manifested the image of possessing almost superhuman pianistic capabilities.  By all accounts, Mahler wouldn't have progressed very far had he not used the influences of his orchestral colleagues to promote his early symphonies.
From a totally different field of music. Frank Sinatra said, "People often remark that I'm pretty lucky. Luck is only important in so far as getting the chance to sell yourself at the right moment. After that, you've got to have talent and know how to use it." It kind of sums up my point.  You not going to get far if you don't promotion yourself but you also got to have talent.
I can understand that you want a music community free of people selling underwear and popcorn etc...But do you want a community where one classical music listener can not ask another to listen to their music?  It's up to you.  You set the rules.  
The difference between a "spammer" and someone who wants to promote themselves is that the self promoter actually cares about what he is presenting to you.  There would be no music business if there was no 'self promotion' because...
How do you expect someone to like your music if you don't really promote it yourself. 
Think about it.