'Percussion' Version.

Initially, I intended to write a series of biographical ‘incidents’ outlining significant events in my life. But then, it turned into an observation about the whole concept of self-image. Many of us are familiar with the story of Narcissus. The young man who saw his own reflection in the water and fell in love with it, not realising it was merely an image. Unable to leave the beauty of his reflection, he lost his will to live. He stared at his reflection until he died.  

This is how Elan Golomb (Trapped In The Mirror) views the narcissistic personality. “-They unconsciously deny an unstated and intolerably poor self-image through inflation. They turn themselves into glittering figures of immense grandeur surrounded by psychologically impenetrable walls. The goal of this self-deception is to be impervious to greatly feared external criticism and to their own rolling sea of doubts - ”  It ends with a de-constructed theme from Igor Stravinsky’s ‘Rite of Spring’.

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